Premium IndianDomain Names – PINS

Its interesting to learn which alphabets are considered as Premium in India? Is western premium names are considered as Indian premiums or Chinese Premium names (CHIPS) are considered as Indian premium names?

The answer is Indian premium names are slightly different from both western and Chinese premium categories. “Premium Indian Domain Names” are the premium names most sought after by Indian businesses and end users – to keep it short and simple we are calling it as PINS.

Below alphabets are considered as premium Indian letters , specially by domain name investment community.
A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,K,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T and V (19 of the 26 Alphabets) ( Western premiums + K , V)

Per example name like or or are considered as a premium indian domain name (PIN).

Semi premium Letters:
J,U,W (3 Letters)

Non-Premium Letters:
Q,X,Y,Z (4 Letters)

Additional Terminology References:
–> Chinese Premium Names
–> Western Premium Names


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