Good news for .IN Registrants – Registration Promo Started by Registry

Good news for all .IN Registrants

What is .IN?

.IN is India’s top-level domain on the Internet. .IN can be used for e-mail, Web sites, and other applications. But unlike other domains, .IN is a unique symbol of India and its role in the world.
.IN has registrants from 225 countries + territories together , an Indian domain name extension with global presence. The .IN sub category domain is .CO.IN which can be registered and used independently.

What is .INRegistry?

INRegistry is the official registry who is accountable for .IN domain name extension operations. It was appointed by the government of India and is operated under the authority of NIXI, the National Internet Exchange of India.

.INRegistry Promotion News

.IN Registry has started the new registrations promo and all the registrars are informed about the same news by the registry.

Start Date: 01 June 2019
End Date: 31 July 2019

About Price

We lack the clarity on the exact price registry is offering to registrars but some registrars start offering the prices like 200 INR for .IN and 150 INR for + GST. They have notified their customers on the same.

Including GST the prices will be around 236 Rs for.IN and 173 INR for .CO.IN domain names. In short, the registration prices are in and around 3 USD per domain name.

We have tested the registrations on and, these two .IN accredited registrars has activated this offer to their customers. Hope rest of the .IN accredited registrars also activate them in a week time.

New Domain Names Registration Promo Code

No promo code or coupon code is required for registering the new domain names. Just access the above-stated registrars and complete your registrations.

Domain Names Transfer Promo Code

IN Registry is not giving any promotional offers to registrars, even if they are offering not been made aware to a registrant.

On a different note, is offering 5.89 USD transfer promo, please use the promo code “OURIN” to avail this transfer Offer. To the best of my knowledge, this is the lowest price promo offer from a top 5 .IN registrar ( By Volumes). has secured this promo for 3 months and this code will work until the end of August 2019.

Domain Names Renewal Promo Code

At present, there is no promotional offer going on for domain name renewals. Unfortunately, we have not seen a domain name renewal promotion in last 7 years time. There may be some hidden renewal promotions offered to registrars by Registry however they have not been made available to registrants.

Hope .IN registry will bring the much-needed renewal promotion offer to increase the retention rates of the domain names. has been strongly voicing out for last few years requesting a renewal promo for two months in a year. Every year January ( Republic Day Month) and August ( Independence Day Month) to promote the extension, this is much-needed measure for.IN extension growth.

If you are looking for renewal promotion, voice out the same by making a comment on this post. More people voice out the greater chances of the same request is considered by Registry.



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