Sedo offers Sale Lander!

Sedo has added something new to their offerings. It has announced a new sales landers though it’s late, finally, Sedo users got a landing page solely dedicated to the domain for sale without any ads.

Sedo offers Sale Lander!

As there is a decrease in parking revenue, the domain investors are focusing on sales. The marketplaces provide these landers to make ease for the buyers to have a clear for sale message without any paid ads.

Apart from Sedo now, the domain name registrars such as Uniregistry and Afternic also offers sale landers whereas the Efty,DaaZ and only offer for sale landers and not for the pay-per-click ads.

If you want to experience these new sale landers, then follow these simple steps
To change a domain from pay-per-click (PPC) to the landers, select the domain in your account and click on layout. Then the last step is to select selling and click save changes and you are done.

Sedo offers Sale Lander!


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