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Why Indian Company Must Consider Owning a .IN Domain Name?

Owning a .IN domain name can offer several advantages for Indian companies, even when they already have a .com or other global domain. Here are some key reasons why: Building Trust and Local Identity: Instantly identifies your business as Indian: Seeing the familiar .IN extension instantly tells users your website caters to the Indian market, fostering trust and familiarity. Potential SEO boost: Search …

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Betting.in and Casino.in Are Changed Hands ??

It’s looking like two category killer gambling names are changed hands. Clearly “Casino.in” and “Betting.in” were owned by India Portals. Looking at the current who is details , both of them are showing different contact details from India portals and both of these names are looking to be changed hands on 20th December 2017. Many domain name enthusiasts are speculating …

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RealStory – Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police Gone Live with .IN

Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police has chosen .IN over .Com domain name , the interesting part is they have secured .com domain name however has gone live with .IN domain name. We are hoping many more Indian government organisations take the inspiration from Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police. We believe it’s smart decision chosing .IN , .IN only …

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