.IN Transfer Process from Mitsu to Dynadot

Recently .IN Registry has notified the registrants on the transfer process on how to transfer-out the domain names from Nixi Holding account, further details of this communication can be found @ Mitsu.in Registrants Can now Transferout their Domain Names.

Looking like Dynadot has received a lot of questions from its customers, so Dynadot issued the official email to the registrants to clarify all questions related to the transferring domain names from Nixi holding registrar to Dynadot.


Dear XXXX ,

Dynadot has received many requests on how to transfer .IN domain names from Mitsu’s terminated account. If you had domains registered at Mitsu and want to move them over, we’re happy to help with the process as it’ll be a little different than a normal transfer.

Before you can submit a transfer order, we’ll first need to collect pending renewal fees for each domain name coming to Dynadot. Please send the list of domains you want to move to info@dynadot.com, along with your account username, and we’ll create an order for the renewals. The renewal cost (per year) will be:

$5.79 for .IN renewals
$4.79 for .CO.IN renewals

Once your payment is complete, we’ll acknowledge the transfers with the registry so they can unlock the domains. You’ll then be able to submit a regular transfer or bulk transfer order to start the transfer process. The transfer fee is the same as the renewal, but a coupon is required during the checkout process. Details are below:

$5.79 .IN transfers (coupon: TRANSFERIN20)
$4.79 .CO.IN transfers (coupon: TRANS4COIN)

Once the transfer initiates, you should be all set. Our system will automatically email you when the order’s complete and the domains have been added to your account. A year will be added onto the expiration date as well when the transfer is done processing.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or online chat.

Best Regards,
Dynadot Support Team


Disclaimer: Although we have brought the above information for the wider benefit of the registrants, we also need to remind  Dynadot.com is one of the advertisers of OUR.in


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