Registrants Can now Transferout their Domain Names

.IN Registry has sent an email to all registrants registered their domain names with registrar as an update of their locked domain names due to the registrar license termination.  Finally, registrants have got an opportunity to transfer out their domain names following the instructions in the email.

Dear Registrant / Customer,

As per recent Award from Arbitrator, .IN Registry hereby informs you to transfer your domain(s) originally taken from M/s. MITSU Inc. to an alternate Accredited Registrar of .IN Registry of your choice. Please view the link below for the list of registrars –

You may contact your preferred new registrar on your own for transferring your domain(s) and follow the process as may be advised by the new registrar.

Meanwhile, .IN Registry has been holding your domain names.

While moving to a new registrar, you are requested to contact .IN Registry to obtain your domain authorization or “AUTH CODE” – which will be required by the new registrar to initiate transfer of your domain(s). You would also be required to pay the renewal fee for your domains from its original renewal date.

You are requested to complete the transfer process in the next 15 days from the date of this email otherwise Registry will initiate required process.

Sincerely yours,
National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)
Support Email: 
[email protected] & [email protected]


The below FAQs are documented based on our current understanding of the email from the registry and also a few additional details we have collected from some of the registrants.  We are only sharing this information as part of expressing our interpretation, we will not take any liability or responsibility on the accuracy of the below-stated interpretations we have made.

1. Do I have to pay the renewal amount from the original date?

Answer:  Yes.

Let say your domain name has been renewed until October 2017. Now when you transfer out to a new registrar, you have to pay for 4 years renewal and the new expiry date will be December 2021.   So 4 years is the longest fee one has to pay to transfer out.

If a domain is already renewed let say until December 2020, then only a one-year renewal fee is required and the new expiry date will be December 2021.  So a minimum of 1-year renewal is required.

2. How to request AUTH Code from Registry?

Answer:  Please write to [email protected] and request for auth code

3. I have several domain names, how to request the transfer code?

Answer: If you have multiple domains with different email accounts, one request per each email account to be sent. Please clearly articulate the list of the domains clearly in the email.

4. Do I have to prove ownership?

Answer: e-Mail received from the registry has not clearly articulated this, we guess emailing from the registered email account is sufficient evidence to demonstrate.

5.  How many days I have to claim the Auth Codes?

Answer: Within 15 days, technically by the 28th of September 2020

6. How many days does it take to get the Auth Code from Registry?

Answer: e-Mail has not clearly articulated the same details.  Some registrants who have already requested has received the below-mentioned confirmation.

Greetings —-(masked),

Thank you for contacting us at .IN Registry Support.

Please be informed that, we are working internally with NIXI on getting the authcode of the domains, We will revert back to you with an update in next 24 hours.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of additional assistance.

Thank you,

7.  Is it a good deal for registrants?

Answer:  To be honest, it’s a loaded question.

Yes, its good that registrants are getting control over their locked domains.  They have been pleading for this resolution for several years, so certainly it’s good news on that front.

Looking from a different perspective it will be extremely hard financially for those members having several names to transfer out within 15 days and paying all the backdated renewals in COVID times.

I wish the registry could have considered some lost opportunity time and given a discount or free for a year or two. As many registrants couldn’t use it effectively as it was an incredibly difficult process to request changes such as name servers, “A” or  “TXT” records ..etc.   Also, those owners who have been owning those locked domain names couldn’t initiate the ownership change during the locked period hence its a lost opportunity for many owners.

On the other hand, it’s not an easy thing to implement the discounts as it means the registry has to notify all registrars and also some technical changes to be implemented to apply these technical changes at the registrar level.  It will be certainly a mammoth effort to co-ordinate.

8.  How technically a registrar can detect a name to be renewed for multi-years?

Answer:  This is still a puzzle to us.  Typically no registrant transfer out an expired name older than few days, but here most of the registrants are technically transferring out an expired domain from 2017.  Let us assume registry software support such backdated transfers and each of the registrar software supports such backdated transfers.  If not, registrants likely to get the transfer completed with 1-year fee.

Many registrants are certainly looking for the right guidance, every little support helps. Don’t forget, sharing is caring!.  Please comment on the additional details you may have.  Also, comment to correct the errors/omissions if any.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Documents required are as follows :

    Please be advised that in order to get the auth code and initiate the transfer of the domains under NIXI holding account, NIXI would require the following documents:

    1. In case of company:

    a. Request letter on the organization letter head with the seal of the organization and authorized person’s signature. Please mention all domain names in the letter requesting to transfer.
    b. The letter should be signed by authorized official of the organization or by the person whose name which reflects in the WHOIS data.
    c. Self-attested ID and address proof of the registrant or authorized official which matches with the WHOIS details.

    2. In case of an Individual:

    a. List of domain name(s) and request to transfer.
    b. Self-attested ID and address proof of the registrant which matches with the WHOIS details.

    NOTE: The request must be sent through WHOIS email ID (registered email ID) of the registrant.

    Any pending renewal charges towards your domain need to be paid to the gaining/new Registrar.

    Please feel free to contact us if we can be of additional assistance.

  2. Looking like only 1-year renewal price is getting charged. One of the registrants has quoted the same, however, we have not verified ourselves. Assuming if its just a 1-year renewal fee, it’s a great outcome for registrants.

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