35 newly funded Indian startups and their domain names: juno.clinic, pipecandy.com, peebuddy.in

When compare to the February month the Newly funded Indian startups reduced in the march month. In February month there were 48 Indian startups but in March month it down to 35.In this month also More than 68% of these Indian startup companies launched with a .COM address and 17% startup companies launched with a .IN address.Remaining startups launched with different address like .co.uk,.clinic,.travel,.co

Some domains like juno.clinic,pipecandy.com,peebuddy.in  Are in top place in funding amount.

Here is the total list:

S.No: Startup   Name: Industry/ Vertical: City / Location: Amount (USD): Domain               Name: Extension:
1 Seenit Consumer Internet Kolkata N/A seenit.in .in
2 Paalak ECommerce New Delhi N/A vegrecipesofindia.com .com
3 Karomi Technology Chennai 500,000 karomi.com .com
4 Kreate Konnect Technology Vadodara N/A kreatekonnect.com .com
5 Lets Endorse Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A letsendorse.com .com
6 Tydy Technology Bangalore 275,000 tydy.co .co
7 Nactus Consumer Internet Jaipur N/A nactus.com .com
8 Emojifi Consumer Internet Hyderabad N/A emojifi.com .com
9 Juno Clinic Consumer Internet Mumbai 1,200,000 juno.clinic .clinic
10 Summerlabel Consumer Internet Gurgaon 150,000 summerlabel.com .com
11 Book Servicing Consumer Internet New Delhi 30,000 kwik-fit.com .com
12 PipeCandy Technology Chennai 1,100,000 pipecandy.com .com
13 Supr Daily Consumer Internet Mumbai 120,000 suprdaily.com .com
14 AppBrowzer Consumer Internet Bangalore 500,000 appbrowzer.com .com
15 PeeBuddy Healthcare New Delhi 443,000 peebuddy.in .in
16 iOrderFresh ECommerce New Delhi N/A iorderfresh.com .com
17 Lavelle Networks Technology Bangalore 600,000 lavellenetworks.com .com
18 PropertyShare Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A propertyshare.in .in
19 Frapperz Consumer Internet Kolkata 100,000 frapperz.com .com
20 ShilpMIS Technology Surat N/A shilpmis.com .com
21 Fitso Consumer Internet Gurgaon 200,000 getfitso.com .com
22 FarMart Technology Gurgaon N/A farmart.co .co
23 The Mons Co. eCommerce New Delhi N/A visitmons.co.uk co.uk
24 Haqdarshak Consumer Internet Bangalore 191,000 haqdarshak.com .com
25 Bizom Technology Bangalore 382,000 bizom.in .in
26 BabyonBoard Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A babyonboard.in .in
27 Sport Flashes Consumer Internet New Delhi N/A sportsflashes.com .com
28 Zapyle ECommerce Bangalore N/A zapyle.com .com
29 Ithaka Consumer Internet Mumbai 325,000 ithaka.travel .travel
30 perpule eCommerce Bangalore 650,000 onpurple.com .com
31 Medinfi Consumer Internet Bangalore 50,000 medinfi.com .com
32 Emflux Motors Technology Bangalore N/A emfluxmotors.com .com
33 Klinic App Consumer Internet Gurgaon N/A klinicapp.com .com
34 Jhakaas Consumer Internet Mumbai 155,000 9xjhakaas.in .in
35 FalconBrick Technology Bangalore N/A falconbrick.com .com

Count of Amount(in USD) by Extension:

march 2017 indian startups

Count of city/location By Extension Percentage:
This month we can observe.IN Extension slightly raised compare to last month and .COM Extension slightly reduced.

march 2017 indian startups pie chart

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