A Clarification e-mail from NIXI about Mitsu Registrar Cancellation

NIXI has sent a fresh email on the Mitsu registrar termination subject, this email clearly articulating the Mitsu Inc (Mitsu.in Registrar) has come clear from all allegations lead to the termination of the registrar agreement.

NIXI email has been shared below for your quick refernece:

Dear Registrant,

It is hereby clarified that the termination of “MITSU INC” Accreditation by NIXI was found illegal by the Arbitral Tribunal and therefore all allegations of wrongdoing against Mr. Sanjeev R Goyal stand dismissed. The Registrants have a choice now to shift to any Registrar of their choice.

In case you require any support in shifting, Kindly reach out to [email protected]


IN Registry

National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)


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