Know how to check Domain ownership information

If you are planning to launch your website the first step it includes is selecting a domain name. Read further to know to check the domain ownership information.

Know how to check Domain ownership information

But choosing a domain name is a lengthy process. When you select some perfect domain name if it’s available just go and register it.

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You found it is already taken, don’t get upset this is not the end. You can find out the owners of the particular domain name and also can contact them if they want to sell it. If you are doing this way you may have to pay more but investing in the perfect domain is worth.

Many people buy domains but they don’t use them. If you find a site is an empty or landing page by a company then there are more chances that the domain name can be bought.

sometimes you can also get a chance to buy the complete built site. This can happen when the owner decided to skip on to some other projects and the site is not updated from some time. If you want to buy this kind of site than you can expect a higher domain name price.

 To Know about the domain ownership follow these simple steps

If you don’t know how to check domain name ownership, follow these simple steps to know how to find out who owns a domain name.

It is very easy to find out the owner’s information of a particular domain name.

To find out the owner of the Domain name, we can use the website called, this site has all the information about the Domain name or IP address.

when someone registers a domain name they must provide all the relevant contact information.

Go to this site and enter the domain name you wish to see the information about.

Check Domain ownership

You will get all the information shown below.

  • Organization Name
  • The location they registered the domain
  • The expiration date of the domain
  • Date of the domain registered

In case if the domain has not shown any landing pages, you can search in Domain Market Places.

With the database information, you will get to know about a domain’s expiry date. That helps you time your bid so that you can immediately approach with an offer before the domain is set to expire or there is a need for renewal.

If you find a domain name and interested to buy the same, you can approach the owner by writing a mail expressing your interest to buy their domain name.



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