Facts About 4N.in (NNNN.in) Domain Names

First 4N.in domain name registered on 14-February-2005 and the domain name is 1947.in , at present owned by JustDial.com .  India got the independence in 1947 from British crown , indeed a great name due to historical importance 🙂 563 different email address holders are owning the 10000 4n.in domain names , on avg around 18 domain names per email address …

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Whatsapp Group – .IN Auction Results – 06 Nov 2016

Today’s .IN Domain Names Auctions are completed as per plan , multiple bidders participated at the live auction which takes place every Sunday 16:00 PM UTC in Whatsapp Group, witnessed fierce battle between bidders for some of the high quality unique domain names. 10 Unique domain names ( one of them is a package of 4N.in Names) were on offer …

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Sunday Auctions List: 06-November-2016

Announcement from .IN Auctions Group: .IN Auctions Mod group has announced the list of names to be auctioned on 6th of November. Many nice names are listed for auction, please find the list of names selected. Package of 12 4N.ins : 8940.in   9254.in  6884.in  8381.in  8386.in  8387.in  3370.in   3892.in  5572.in  5978.in  7593.in  9819.in And 2 4N.co.in :4888.co.in  8884.co.in Wanna …

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November 2016 – NNN.in , NNN.co.in and NNNN.in Drop List

NNN.in (3N.in) domain name means NumberNumberNumber.in domain name per example 221.in or 543.in . Only 1000 (10*10*10) such domain names are possible. NNN.in names are highly valued assets by domain investors due to the rare availability of such names and also can be useful as a short URLs. In the month of November 2016, a single NNN.in (3n.in) domain name …

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October 2016 – NNN.in and NNNN.in Drop Lists

Finally we could notice a NNN.in (3n.in) domain name dropping and it is 086.in. Overall 13 4N.in domain names are dropping in the month of October 2016 , its 5 names lesser compare to September 2016 (18 names are dropped). We have listed the dropping domain name details for your reference. Domain Name:  Registration Year: End Date: Category 0027.in 2014 …

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September 2016 – 4N.in (NNNN.in) drop list

We couldnt find any NNN.in (3n.in) names dropping in the month of september 2016, 18 of the 4N.in names are dropping in the month of September 2016 and we have listed the same details for your reference. Domain Name Registration Year: End Date: 8956.in 2015 01-09-16 1021.in 2015 05-09-16 5201.in 2014 05-09-16 4699.in 2014 08-09-16 5200.in 2013 09-09-16 4438.in 2014 …

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