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27 newly funded Indian startups and their domain,,,

In April month Newly funded Indian startups were 27, around 78% of these Indian startups launched with a .COM address,15% startup companies launched with .IN address,4% startup companies launched with address .CO.IN and 3% startup companies launched with .ME address.

seed funnding indian startups

Some domains like,,, Are in top place in funding amount.

Here is the total list:

Sr. No. Startup Name Industry/ Vertical City / Location Amount (in USD) Domain Name Extension
1 Tyre Express Technology Mumbai N/A
2 Trukky Consumer Internet Ahmedabad 500,000 .com
3 Konsult App Consumer Internet New Delhi 500,000 .com
4 Credit Sudhaar Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A .com
5 Startup Buddy Consumer Internet Gurgaon N/A .in
6 QorQI Healthcare Noida N/A .com
7 Twenty Two Motors Technology Gurgaon N/A .in
8 Omnify Technology Bangalore 150,000 .com
9 MergerWare Technology Bangalore 100,000 .com
10 Sports Flashes Consumer Internet New Delhi N/A .com
11 Tinmen Consumer Internet Hyderabad N/A .in
12 ScoutMyTrip Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A .com
13 Myly Consumer Internet Jaipur 310,000 .com
14 Navia Life Care Technology New Delhi N/A .com
15 Raw Pressery Food & Beverages Mumbai N/A .com
16 Snackible Food & Beverages Mumbai 175,000 .com
17 Be U Salons Consumer Internet New Delhi 620,000 .com
18 Simulanis Consumer Internet New Delhi N/A .com
19 IOTrek Technology New Delhi 155,000 .in
20 Video Ken Consumer Internet Bangalore 1,000,000 .com
21 Niramai Healthcare Bangalore N/A .com
22 The Office Pass Consumer Internet Gurgaon 245,000 .com
23 Howdy Ventures Consumer Internet Chennai 1,500,000 .me
24 Autobix Technology Pune N/A .com
25 eShiksha Technology Jaipur N/A .com
26 Sepalika Consumer Internet New Delhi 750,000 .com
27 Mintwalk Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A .com

Number of Tech Startups by Location:

april funding graph

Tech Startups by Domain Extension Percentage:April funding pie chat

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