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31 newly funded Indian startups and their domain names:,,, etc..,

In May month Newly funded Indian startups were 31, around 74% of these Indian startups launched with a .COM address,16% startup companies launched with .IN address,4% startup companies launched with address .ai and 3% startup companies launched with .net and .io address.may month seed funding

Some domains like,, and are in top place in funding amount.

Here is the total list: Startup Name Industry/ Vertical City / Location Amount (in USD) Domain Name Extension
1 Innovapptive Technology Hyderabad 1,500,000 .com
2 ZippServe Consumer Internet Bangalore 390,000 .com
3 Sumeru Technology Bangalore 1,000,000 .net
4 HealthMir Consumer Internet New Delhi N/A .com
5 Uactive Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A .com
6 i-lend Consumer Internet Hyderabad N/A .in
7 Balance App Consumer Internet Bangalore 233,000 .io
8 Nightstay Consumer Internet New Delhi N/A .in
9 Devourin Technology Pune N/A .com
10 MyGreens Food & Beverage New Delhi 1,000,000 .com
11 Curie Labs Technology New Delhi 50,000 .com
12 Uncanny Vision Technology Bangalore N/A .com
13 Lucideus Technology New Delhi N/A .com
14 Fourth Ambit Consumer Internet Bangalore 600,000 .com
15 Chymera VR Technology Bangalore N/A .com
16 Book My Diamond eCommerce Mumbai N/A .com
17 ION Energy Technology Mumbai N/A .in
18 Log 9 Materials Technology Bangalore N/A .com
19 Aequm eCommerce Bangalore 1,000,000 .com
20 Zapty Technology Bangalore 500,000 .com
21 Technology Bangalore N/A .ai
22 Genie Consumer Internet Chennai 250,000 .com
23 The Good Life ECommerce Mumbai 1,000,000 .com
24 PumpKart eCommerce Chandigarh N/A .com
25 EzCred Consumer Internet Bangalore 1,000,000 .in
26 HealthSutra Food & Beverage Hyderabad N/A .in
27 ZipGrid Consumer Internet Mumbai 500,000 .com
28 TravelSpice ECommerce Hyderabad N/A .com
29 GenNext Students Consumer Internet Mumbai 580,000 .com
30 WhatsLoan Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A .com
31 Nivesh Consumer Internet Noida N/A .com

Number of Tech Startups by Location:chart for May month seed funding

Tech Startups by Domain Extension Percentage:pie chart for seed funding

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