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For first time , IN Registry has posted an update on their website about the registar termination. We are sharing the same for the quick reference of readers. IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION The attention of the .IN Registry has been brought to the various unfortunate events where even after the termination of the accreditation of MITSU Inc as the …

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It’s been some tough last few days for registrants , we are providing the details in the sequence we have noticed them. Clearly the domain name registrants are impacted by this one to some extent. How it’s unfolded over last few days? 26th October : Few domain name registrants has posted in social media groups and forums that they …

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.IN Champs Contest

.IN registry is soon bringing in “.IN CHAMPS CONTEST” , there is an announcment on the same on Social Media. Looking to me another awesome Initiative by “IN Registry”. .IN CHAMPS Contest is starting today and I am quite excited to know further details.

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#ShareYourStory #IamIN – A Great Initiative by Registry

Social Media Promotion of Successful .IN Owner / Registrant Stories: Please have a look into some of the real stories getting promoted by .IN Registry on Social Media under the initiative of #ShareYourStory.. Indeed it is one of the finest initiatives of any extension promotion, certainly this initaitive is going to deliver the positive impact on the extension. If you …

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.IN Domain Names Promotion Program Seems to be ended???

Seems to be .IN Growth program and the Free .Bharat IDN promotion programs are expired yesterday i.e. March 31, 2017 23:59:59 UTC. Effective on April 1 00:00 UTC, regular pricing will be in effect for .IN and .Bharat IDN new registrations , renewals, and transfers. Its not confirmed with .IN registry sources, this news item is only based on the …

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NIXI is a Cash Rich Org – Have a look into the Annual Report

For quite some time I was wondering how the INRegistry is getting funded? NIXI is not for profit organisation, so i was under the impression that government of India is funding lot of money for such a vital organisation every year. It has triggered me an interest to explore to find the further details of the financials of NIXI (National …

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Its All Official – is an Accredited .IN Registar

In the month of September 2016, has covered a detailed article explaining the importance of “The Common Service Centres” in India. You can access the same article @ Mantra of Connecting Rural India:Reducing Digital Divide – “The Common Service Centres” Its all official Now (according to registry website) – The Common Services Centres belongs to Government of India, a …

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.IN Promotion by .IN Registry –> to or

Most of the domain extensions in general has a dedicated promotional website to encourage the respective extension adoption, .IN domain extension also has a dedicated website for the extension promotion. You can access the same website using offers the prospective registrants / businesses to search for the domain name of their choice, if the domain names is available …

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