June 2017: Indian Startups – Domain Names Usage Analysis

When compared to the May month newly funded Indian Startups reduced in the June month.In may month there were 31 Indian statups but in June month it down to 23.In this month also More than 74% of these Indian startup companies launched with a .COM address and 18% startup companies launched with a .IN address.Remaining startups are like .co.in and .net.

Comparing all portdesk.com is in top place in funding Amount.

Kindly note, only startups raised seed funding in the month of June 2017 are considered for this domain name usage analysis. Please find out the further details below.


S.no Startup Name Industry/ Vertical City / Location Amount (in USD) Domain Name Extension
1 Tripeur Technology Bangalore N/A vccircle.com .COM
2 Healthbuds Consumer Internet Kolkata N/A healthbuds.in .IN
3 wayForward Consumer Internet New Delhi 1,000,000 wayforward.co.in .CO.IN
4 ZipLoan Consumer Internet New Delhi 650,000 ziploan.in .IN
5 GrowFitter Consumer Internet Mumbai 600,000 growfitter.com .COM
6 Stratfit Consumer Internet Hyderabad 232,000 Stratfit.net .NET
7 Stockal Consumer Internet Bangalore 350,000 stockal.com .COM
8 Guidoo Consumer Internet Mumbai 300,000 guiddoo.com .COM
9 eSahai.in Consumer Internet Hyderabad 250,000 eSahai.in .IN
10 Loanmeet Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A loanmeet.com .COM
11 Vista Rooms Consumer Internet Mumbai 776,000 vistarooms.com .COM
12 Vanitycask Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A vanitycask.com .COM
13 MrNeeds Consumer Internet Noida 500,000 mrneeds.com .COM
14 Fincash Consumer Internet Mumbai 100,000 fincash.com .COM
15 PortDesk Technology Noida 2,000,000 portdesk.com .COM
16 EdgeFx ECommerce Hyderabad N/A edgefxkits.com .COM
17 EazyDiner Consumer Internet Gurgaon N/A eazydiner.com .COM
18 HealthIntel Healthcare New Delhi N/A healthintelasia.com .COM
19 ForeverShop Consumer Internet Bangalore 300,000 forevershop.in .IN
20 Fabulyst Technology Hyderabad 215,000 fabulyst.com .COM
21 Explore Life traveling Consumer Internet Bangalore 500,000 explorelifetraveling.com .COM
22 Voxweb Consumer Internet Mumbai 1,000,000 voxweb.com .COM
23 Spares Hub ECommerce Pune 311,000 spareshub.com .COM


Number Of Tech Startups Count By Extension :

Count of City/Location by Percentage:

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240 Startups on Indian ccTLD fundraised in 2016

Source: Trak.in Start-ups funding data.


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