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July 2017: Indian Startups – Domain Names Usage Analysis

25 newly funded Indian startups started in July month. More than 71% of these startup companies launched with a .COM address and 17% startup companies launched with a .IN address.Remaining startups launched with different address like .ME,.XYZ and .co.

July is closely tracking the Indian startups funding data on monthly basis, has considered the same data to generate the domain name extension analysis to find-out the current trends of domain name usage by startups. Clearly .COM is a leader as expected , .IN closely following .COM in terms of numbers.

Comparing all  is in top place for funding amount compared to all.


S.No Startup Name: Industry




Amount (In USD): Domain Name: Extension:
1 Billion Loans Consumer Internet Bangalore 1,000,000 .COM
2 Minjar Technology Bangalore N/A .COM
3 MyCity4kids Consumer Internet Gurgaon N/A .COM
4 Clip App Consumer Internet Bangalore 1,000,000
5 Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A .IN
6 Flickstree Consumer Internet Mumbai 464,000 .COM
7 Design Cafe Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A .XYZ
8 Technology Bangalore N/A .ME
9 Arcatron Technology Pune N/A .COM
10 QwikSpec Technology Bangalore 540,000 .COM
11 Increff Technology Bangalore 2,000,000 .COM
12 Ambee Consumer Internet Hyderabad N/A .COM
13 Ideal Insurance Consumer Internet Kolkata N/A ideal .IN
14 Hypernova Interactive Technology Bangalore N/A .COM
15 AirCTO Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A .COM
16 Playablo Technology Bangalore 600,000 .COM
17 Trupay Technology Gurgaon 700,000 .IN
18 Brick2Wall eCommerce Gurgaon 200,000 .COM
19 FableStreet eCommerce New Delhi N/A .COM
20 Monsoon Fintech Technology New Delhi N/A .COM
21 MonkeyBox Consumer Internet Bangalore N/A .IN
22 Creator’s Gurukul Others New Delhi N/A .COM
23 ThinkerBell Consumer Internet Bangalore 200,000 .COM
24 Jhakaas Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A .CO
25 Consumer Internet bangalore N/A .COM

Tech Startups By City/Location:


Tech Startups By Extension Percentage:


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240 Startups on Indian ccTLD fundraised in 2016

Source: Start-ups funding data.

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