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Court order’s per 3(a) under clause 9.9 both the petitioner and respondents need to choose their arbitrators, before two weeks from today.after they are appointed the third arbitrator will be joined within one week.Both three joined for the discussion venue of the arbitration shall be at New Delhi. learned Counsel will help to the arbitrators to take appropriate decision on …

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Mitsu.in Account Termination – Stay Order from HighCourt

We have covered about the Mitsu.in registar account termination news in the previous post. Yesterday, we have received the feedback from domain name registrants that they couldn’t transfer the domain names out of Mitsu.in. The same feedback has triggered the curiosity in our end, as a matter of fact few of the domain name owners were able to transfer the …

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Mitsu.in Registar Account Termination – Nixi Communication

It’s been some tough last few days for Mitsu.in registrants , we are providing the details in the sequence we have noticed them. Clearly the domain name registrants are impacted by this one to some extent. How it’s unfolded over last few days? 26th October : Few domain name registrants has posted in social media groups and forums that they …

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